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How It Works

Customers use our free app located at  The app does not collect any personal data.  Once the app is downloaded it will ask for an “Event Code”. This code links customers to a virtual soundscape Event template that has been created here.  Events are free to create and you may create as many as you like.  Once the customer loads your template all the sounds they need are now on their phone.  This means that you are not streaming sounds to customers so you don’t need internet or Wifi; everything the customers needs is already on their phone.

Creating templates is relatively easy, you select specific locations and place an imaginary “GeoGate” (like a pin on a map) and assign sounds and radius of when customers hear those sounds as they physically move through the Event location.  You can set the sound radius as large as you want or as small as 15 feet. Consumer GPS technology can be accurate up to 15 feet, but will vary depending on device and location. You can test and move GeoGates to maximize the desired effect. 

By default, customers pay 50 cents (paid to GeoFX) to download an Event to their phone. If you wish to earn money off Events you have created, you may set any price you like as the cost of the Event download for customers. In these cases, again 50 cents will go to GeoFX and the remaining balance will go to you own PayPal or Stripe account. So, for instance, if you charged $5 for admission to your event, the customer would pay $5 on their phone, GeoFX would receive 50 cents and you would receive $4.50, minus whatever fees are charged by either PayPal or Stripe.

In cases where you already have a ticket purchasing process in place for your customers and it is more desirable to eliminate the need for customers to pay for Event Downloads themselves, you can create events that don’t require your customers to purchase the event downloads themselves. These so-called “Free” Events consume what are called Download Credits which you purchase yourselves for 50 cents each. Download Credits never expire and can be used for any Event that you create. Download Credits simplify the customer experience by allowing you to build-in the Event price into your normal ticket sales and require them to only make a single ticket purchase. Using this approach, customers receive a unique ticket number(s) or QR code(s) for use by themselves or their group. These unique ticket codes cannot be shared amongst multiple devices.