How It Works

How It Works

Customers can download our free app on their phone from both Google Play and the App Store.  The app does not collect any personal data.  Once the app is downloaded it will ask for an “Event Code”

This code links customers to an Event template you have created with 2D and 3D sounds.  You can have as many different templates as you wish.  Once the customer loads your template all the sounds they need are now on their phone.  This means that you are not streaming sounds to customers so you don’t need internet or Wifi; everything the customers needs is already on their phone.

Creating templates is relatively easy, you select specific locations and place an imaginary “GeoGate” (like a pin on a map) and assign sounds and radius of when customers hear those sounds as they physically move through the Event location.  You can set the sound radius as large as you want or as small as 15 feet. Consumer GPS technology can be accurate up to 15 feet, but will vary depending on device and location. You can test and move GeoGates to maximize the desired effect. 

2D sounds are perfect for music or narration and 3D sounds work well for simulating directional sounds enhancing customer experiences.  A combination of both can enhance an already memorable experience for your customers.

By default, customers pay 99 cents to download an Event to their Eventscape app and this 99 cents is split three ways between you (the Event creator), us (the Service Provider), and whatever store serves the customer’s device (Apple App Store or Google Play Store). This split results in 40 cents going to you for each Event Download. This approach is simple and requires no up-front expense from the Event Creator to make their creation available to their customers.

However, it may be more desirable to eliminate the need for customers to pay for Event Downloads in a separate transaction and instead combine this cost into your existing Event ticket price. This approach not only simplifies your customers experience, it enables you to essentially set your own cost for the service to your customers. Purchasing Download Credits enables you to do just this by prepaying for your customer’s downloads, enabling them to simply enter an Event Code that you provide them to use the mobile app. The Download Credits you purchase go into your GeoFX account, never expire, and are usable for any Event you create. Each user download expends 1 Download Credit from the Event Creators GeoFX account. Once an Event is downloaded to a user’s device, it remains on their device until the Event’s expiration date that you set yourself, so multiple downloads to the device will not occur.