GeoFX Hauntscape gives you the ability to create and manage a 3D, virtual, and individualized soundscape for your haunt events.

Do you want to increase your park’s sales revenues and customer count along with cutting labor and maintenance costs? Look no further, GeoFX Technologies is pleased to introduce Hauntscape, a mobile app and 3D audio system designed to deliver maximum customer engagement in your haunt events.

Hauntscape is the first automated system that requires no additional monitoring, complete with state-of-the-art audio with directional effects. Hauntscape provides park operators the ability to script and connect signature events triggered by GPS-GeoGate technology.

GPS GeoGate technology combined with its 3D audio system enabling you to replicate Hollywood scare techniques such as misdirection, layering suspense, volume control, and many other cutting-edge functions.

Customers use their smartphones and earbuds to hear directional audio with stunning sound quality at the park operator’s discretion and Hauntscape completely eliminates the need for outdoor speakers and equipment installation and maintenance.

Park operators can build a library of GeoGate templates for the same event and switch them out, introducing new surprises and bringing back repeat customers. With this advanced audio technology, Hauntscape creates an intense soundscape that is triggered by customer movement.

Supplementing your existing setup, Hauntscape’s library of thousands of natural and supernatural sounds give you the content to keep your customers engaged and scared throughout their entire scare experience.

Hauntscape allows for children and adult versions to run simultaneously. Children and adults can enjoy the same haunted trail together while experiencing different scare intensity levels.